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the suspect in friday's deadly colorado theater shooting is due in court today. but police say james holmes isn't talking. remembering the victims. a vigil is held for those killed and wounded. >> we are thinking about them at this moment and will continue to think about them each and every day. an judgment day at penn state. a day after the statue of joe paterno is torn down, the ncaa is set to hand the school's football team an unprecedented punishment in response to the captioning funded by cbs >> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, july 23, 2012. good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. the alleged begun man in the movie theater massacre james holmes is due in court this
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morning. here's the latest. holmes is "lawyered up and isn't talking." the question asked now is what's the motive behind the attack? the answer is still unclear. 12 people were killed, 58 wounded. we know holmes applied for membership at a gun range. he was rejected because of a bizarre voice mail. he started buying the weapons and purchased 6,000 rounds of ammunition over the internet. the residents of aurora, colorado are mourning the victims trying to make sense of this. manuel gallegus is there. good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. law enforcement officials say suspect james holmes is not cooperating with them and it may take month for them to determine a motive behind this massacre. he will make his first court appearance this morning with one of the county's top public defenders. >> amid the chaos in the moments following the shooting, 24-year-old james eagan holmes almost got away. wearing tactical gear, he slipped out of the theater and looked like any other swat team member on the scene except for
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one mistake. >> there was one particular piece of equipment that he had on him that was out of place. i am so proud of my officers that they spotted that right away and challenged him. >> authorities were able to clear out all of the explosives in holmes' apartment. including 30 homemade grenades designed to kill whoever walked in and triggered a trip wire. among the evidence found inside, a batman mask. >> we're building a case to show that this was a deliberative process by a very intelligent man who want today do this. >> president obama spent several hours here in a private meeting with the familiar lives the victims. he says he told them he wasn't here so much as president but as a father and a husband. >> we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion. >> sunday night thousands gathered in aurora to mourn. the shooting has shaken this community. >> we'll pull together and
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prayer and support, love. >> governor john hickenlooper read the name of each of the victims an the crowd yelled back. but there was one name he didn't read. that of the alleged shooter. >> i refuse to say his name. [ applause ] >> and people of aurora are trying to let go of the pain. >> holmes' court appearance this morning will be televisend add terrell, it is expected to be very brief. >> manuel gallegus in aurora this morning. many thank you so much. a mother, a 6-year-old girl are among the 12 victims who lost their lives in friday's shooting in aurora, all of them taken much too soon. >> in the suburban chicago hometown of john larimer, church-goers prayed for the 27-year-old victim. larimer was stationed at buckley air base in colorado and was one of three military men killed
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friday. airman jesse childress was also stationed at buckley. he loved comic books and called his car the bat mow boebl. jonathan blung threw himself in front of his girlfriend. matt mcquinn died protecting loved ones. he shielded his girlfriend. alexander teves earned a masters degree and was planning to become a psychiatrist. rebecca wingo was a single mother of two balancing raising her children with work and school. alex sullivan celebrated his 27th birthday. sunday would have been his first wedding anniversary. jessica ghawi was an aspiring sportscaster who avoided a mass shooting in toronto. college student micayla medek was an avid packers fan. a.j.boik dprauted from high school and was planning to attend art school in the foul.
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gordon cowden was the oldest victim. veronica moser sullivan was the youngest victim, just six years old. her mother was wounded in the attack. as we learn more about what happened inside that colorado theater, stories of great sacrifice and heroism are emerging. john blackstone has the story of one young hero. >> in aurora's hospital rooms, it becomes clear how many more could have been killed. >> the wound was somewhere around here. and you know, it was just a few millimeters in or centimeters in and i don't think i would have left the theater. >> steven barton says the theater darkness was broken by a muzzle flash. >> at the time i thought it was still fireworks. then i got hit here and i realized it was something much more serious. >> joshua nolan ducked behind the seats but a bullet ripped through his arm and leg. >> definitely no type of positive description when it comes to being shot. all it was after that was just
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pain and agony. you know, it's just like this white burning sensation in my body. >> but those physical wounds aren't the only ones he's trying to heal. >> the first night sleeping here was not very good at all. because all i was getting was this flashbacks of the shots. and people screaming. and, of course, my kids were still in my head. >> he thought of his children, he says, as he waited for the gunfire to stop. and he was determined that the killer would not kill him. >> i beat you, i made it. you didn't take my life. he didn't take my friend's life either. but i pray and i feel so sorry for the other families and all the other men and women that didn't make it. i just can't imagine someone's life being taken away like that. >> joshua says he was probably
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saved because the killer's gun seemed to jam just before he got to the row where joshua was hiding. john blackstone, cbs news, aurora, colorado. texas authorities are investigating a pickup truck crash that left 11 dead and 12 injured. a fort f-250 went off the road southeast of san antonio and hit two trees. police say 23 people were crowded into the truck's cabin bed, including some children. it's unclear what caused the crash. it's judgment day for penn state. today the ncaa will levy sanctions against the school in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. cbs has learned that the sanctions are expected to be severe and unprecedented. ines ferre has the report. >> the bronze statue that once stood outside the stadium is gone. it was jackhammered from its foundation and hauled into storage on the eve of the university's judgment day. cbs news has learned penn
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state's football program will be spared the so-called death penalty, meaning it will not be suspended for a year or more. but a top ncaa officials said the penalties will include probation, loss of football scholarships, bans on bowl games and a hefty fine. >> when these sanctions are all said and done, penn state is going to wish they had the death penalty. that's how severe and punitive i'm told they're going to be. >> the penalties are being handed down after a report found that the late head football coach and other school officials covered up child sex abuse allegations against former assistant coach jerry sandusky. some members of the penn state community hope the removal of paterno's statue hope they go easy on the university. others say it was torn down too soon and without good reason. >> they're just making everybody upset by doing this. i mean, what's it really doing for the college or for ncaa? >> i think it will help out a little bit. but it's sad getting rid of
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memories. >> paterno died six months agoment his name will be kept on o the campus library. the university president says it shows his cannot bugss to academic life. >> the paterno family said in a statement that tearing down the statue doesn't serve the victims of jerry sandusky's horrible crimes or help heal the penn state community. in state college pennsylvania, ines ferre, for cbs news. a quick break on a monday morning. when we come back, the latest on the extreme weather carving a path of destruction around the world from the devastating floods in china to the out of control wildfires in spain. sizzling news from chili's lunch break combos. try our new lunch-size grilled chicken fajitas, with sauteed onions and peppers, served with soup or salad. lunch break combos, starting at 6 bucks. enjoy them with friends, because a lunch together feeds the friendship.
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driven wildfires have killed at least 3 people and injured two dozen more. the fires are raging in dry forestland along the main highway between barcelona and the border 80 miles north. at least 82,000 acres have burned. cbs "moneywatch" now. big names are set to report quarterly earnings and tax havens for the super wealthy. ashley morrison has more. >> good morning, terrell. asian markets took a stumble on europe's debt crisis and china's economic slowdown. the hang seng fell over 3%. this week we'll get important earnings reports. apple is out with results on thursday and facebook makes its first report since going public despite losing 121 points on friday. the dow was up 45 points on the week and once again is within sight of 13,000. the nasdaq added 16. because of friday's shooting spree at a colorado movie theater, warner brothers did not
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release its weekend box report for "the dark knight rises" but box office insiders say the movie made up $162 million this weekend that is below expectations, but still a record for a 2d movie. according to a report by the organization, tax justice network, tax havens such as the cayman islands are holding up to $32 trillion. that's money that cannot be taxed by governments. that is more than the u.s. and japanese economies combined. and an ap survey of more than a dozen economists think tanks and academics find that the number of americans living in poverty will increase to levels last seen in the 1960s. the official poverty rate in 2010 was 15.1%. but the con en sus among those experts was that the poverty rate for 2011 will increase to 15.7%. but even if there is an increase of .1%, we will have the highest
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poverty level since 1965. terrell? >> tough times out there, ash. really is. ashley morrison here in new york. thank you so much. coming up, we'll have your weather forecast and in sports, a final round collapse for the ages produces a surprise winner at the most storied tournament in golf. "moneywatch" sponsored by vagisil, the confident clean. i'm serious, we compare our direct rates side by side to find you a great deal, even if it's not with us.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities. afternoon thunderstorms in new york, 86 degrees. showers and thunderstorms in miami, 88. thunderstorms in chicago, 95. same deal in dallas, 96. mostly sunny skies in los angeles, 78 degrees. let's check your national forecast. a cold front will bring some thunderstorms, some severe to the northeast. thunderstorms will also appear in florida and texas. highs in the 90s and 100s continue for the plains and the midwest. from the dakotas to the ohio valley and from montana to inland california. in sports this morning, a stunning turn around finish at the british open. adam scott began the final round with a four stroke league and ernie els started six strokes broke. but els finished 7 under par and scott's game suddenly collapsed. he bogeyed the last four holes, including a shot in the rough on 17 and missed the putt on 18 that would have forced the playoff. els had to be called back out to accept the jug.
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the oldest trophy in golf. the angels in anaheim, albert pujols hit a ground rule double driving in a run. he scored in 14 straight games. in the seventh, bobby wilson hitting a solo home run adding to the angels' lead and later in the same inning, pujols added a two-run shot. l.a. beat texas 7-4. to the national league, miami at pittsburgh. mccutchen gave the pirates all they need. but in the seventh alvarez crushed a two-run homer. that would make it 3-0. that's where it stayed. the pirates took their fifth straight in cooperstown, new york yesterday. baseball added two names to the hall of fame. barry larkin with his cincinnati reds from 1986-2004. his inclusion in the hall of fame is the ultimate validation of his career and represented by his widow was the late ron santo, long time third baseman
4:18 am
and broadcaster for the chicago cubs. in st. louis, the cubs started sunday's game as santos always did, clicking their heels as they ran out on the field. finally, a long overdue first at the tour de france. no british cyclist had won until sunday. 32-year-old bradley wiggins in the yellow leader's jersey crossed the finish line on the champs did he elise in france. a look at the top stories. confusion in the jackson family. did michael's mother disappear, or is she just visiting a relative? [ alicia ] i snack all the time throughout the day.
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here's a look at the weather in some cities arn the country. in d.c., thunderstorms, 92. norms in atlanta, 94. sunny, 104 in st. louis. partly sunny skies, 96 in denver. partly cloudy, 67 in seattle.
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top stories on a monday morning. a vigil was held for the victims of friday's theater shooting in aurora, colorado. the alleged gunman, james holmes is due in court this morning. today the ncaa is expected to issue unprecedented sanctions against penn state in the wake of the jerry sandusky sex abuse scandal. the fbi is searching for two missing iowa cousins and believes the girls are alive and have been ab duktded. the girls were last seen riding their bikes near a lake on july 13th. several people have been interviewed but there have been no arrests. authorities haven't said why they think the girls are alive. tensions remain high where a deadly police shooting turned violent. after the shooting, neighborhood residents kwon confronted police, some threw rocks and bottles. police fired bean bags and pepper balls from shotguns. a police dog charged the crowd biting a man who was on the ground as officers struggled to control it. there were more angry protests on sunday as anaheim's mayor
4:22 am
vowed a full investigation. this year's on track to be the worst for woopg cough with 18,000 cases already reported nationwide. now one u.s. senator wants federal health officials to provide free vaccinations. the whooping cough vaccine wears off over time and the disease is highly contagious. chuck schumer wants both children and adults to get free vaccinations. michael jackson's mother katherine has reportedly been found. they've located her and she's safe. she was reported missing on saturday night where her son jermaine says she's in arizona with her sister and is following doctor's order to get rest and stay away from the phone. sometimes you need a vacation from everybody. kids, don't call, don't text. leave me alone. kevin fraser host of the insider will have the inside scoop on why katherine jackson disappeared. i'm terrell brown. this is the "cbs morning news." you know what, this looks just like
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because you're not just a family.
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. well, hello. monday's here. we're grad you're here. july 23. the rain has stopped, at least for a little bit. i'm michaelim-- i'm mike hydeck. good morning. attach tap. >> good morning -- monika
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samtani is here. >> good morning. >> i'm jessica doyle in for andrea roane. howard is back. a little bit on the damp side. we start showing you the cover of the camera lens. a couple of raindrops on it. the stuff is light. don't get too excited about it. the lawn is still going to have to wait. 76 right now. we'll be in the upper 80s by noon. light thinkles early. this afternoon highs in the low 90s with a 5:00 p.m. temperature right around 90 degrees. check this out. we're looking at this westerly and northwesterly flow here. this moisture coming in from ohio and west virginia. i think we're going to have generally south of town most of this is headed but we have lighter sprinkles that have developed. this stuff is light. not everything that's falling is showing up on radar but the light sprinkles here near olney. you have them on the west side of baltimore, north of annapolis. a couple of sprinkles in and around areas to our southwest. so this stuff is really very
4:27 am
light. temperatures right now are in the low to mid-70s so it's a muggy, damp, kind of sticky morning with highs expected this afternoon upper 80s to even low 90s. maybe with enough sun, could make a run toward 95. let's go to monika samtani at 4:26. your first update on timesaver traffic. >> thanks so much. welcome back. if you are headed outside, well, you want to know about a couple of things. on the southbound side of route 5 approaching earn shaw in clinton, all lanes are blocked from accident cleanup from overnight. there's also construction on the beltway both in annandale and in tysons corner on the inner loop in annandale where only one lane is going to get you through. let's take you to centreville on the inbound side of 66. no issues to report inbound as you leave route 29. we'll go to our traffic lamb camera. inbound on 66 no issues as you head inbound toward the beltway. let's go back over to the maps and take a look on the north
4:28 am
side of town. on the outer loop of the beltway between 95 and new hampshire avenue, there is construction with two lanes blocked causing a slow merge from southbound i-95. we'll take a live look on our mdot camera, southbound i-95 to the outer loop. once you're on new hampshire avenue, all lanes are open. i'll be back in a few minutes with more traffic. >> thank you, monika. we're now starting to hear from people who had contact with james holmes before those devastating shootings at a movie theater in colorado. one man says he has a really uneasy feeling the moment he heard holmes speak. >> our adrian mccarren spoke with a gun range owner who met holmes. >> he sounded very base, very guttural type of growling stuff that was not, you know, real normal. >> reporter: the owner of a gun range 50 miles of denver was taken aback when he called james holmes' voice mail to
4:29 am
follow up on his into line application. >> the voice mail was a very low base guttural sounding, rambling, incoherent deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. >> reporter: holmes applied to the private gun club on june 25. the owner left three messages and never called back and then he learned about friday's massacre. >> one of our staff members called me and said what was the name of that person you flagged for us? wasn't it james holmes? and i said yes. >> reporter: he was relieved he followed his instaints and warned his staff not to -- instincts and warned his staff not to let him into the club. on july 2 holmes ordered $300 worth of tactical equipment from an online company according to this receipt obtained

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